Crazy Time play free

Crazy Time demo version helps better learn the gameplay mechanics and the betting process. Players can watch live sessions for free without a deposit. Play Crazy Time for free on the casino site or download the app. The test mode is available instantly after registration. 

Demo version

Unlike traditional slots, CrazyTime is live entertainment that unfolds in real time. It means that participants cannot play for free. Instead, players get access to Crazy Time live-streaming. For this purpose, register in an online casino and launch the game. Players monitor the wheel spinning, bonus rounds, and the thrill of big wins. Live dealers take turns hosting the show and accepting bets.

Also, the test mode is available in the Crave Time App. All you need to do is download the application to the smartphone from the official site and watch the show for free.

In the Crazy Time demo version, users get all the functionality:

  • a detailed description of the rules;
  • payout table;
  • betting options;
  • online support;
  • statistics;
  • game history;
  • settings;
  • disconnection policy.

Among the advantages of a free version is the absence of financial risks while watching. Participants are not obliged to wager real money, but simply enjoy the process for entertainment purposes. By observing the strategies and betting schemes of other participants, players can gain valuable knowledge. It will help you to increase the chances of winning in case of real bets in the future.

How to open the demo mode

Download the Crazy Time AppDownload the program on the official website. The application supports OS Android and iOS.
Create/Login to the accountA newcomer needs to fill out a registration form by entering personal data. Then, sign in to the account by entering a username and password.
Access Demo ModeThe live stream will appear immediately when the user launches the slot.
Enjoy and LearnUse this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the gameplay mechanics, understand the various betting options, and experience the thrill. 
Upgrade to Real Money PlayIf you feel confident and ready to play for real money, you can do it directly in the app.

Advantages of playing for free 

  • Risk-Free Experience. Watching the stream doesn’t require a deposit or bets. 
  • Skill Development. An opportunity to improve gaming skills and develop a strategy.
  • Familiarization with Gameplay. By playing for free, you can familiarize yourself with the rules, mechanics, and features before committing real money.
  • Testing Strategies. Experiment with different betting strategies and game approaches to see what works best.
  • Understanding Bonus Games. Find out how the Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip, Crazy Time bonus games work and the probability of their occurrence. 
  • Building Confidence. The demo mode builds confidence and familiarity with the slot, increasing the comfort level. 
  • Entertainment Value. Even without the possibility of winning real cash, the test mode offers a pleasant pastime.